We are working hard to make education and healthcare accessible and affordable for all in the community. Please see below a list of the initiatives Project Medina is embarking on.

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    A fully Integrated Islamic Learning Institution

    Medina Serign Mass located in Lower Niumi District, North Bank Division is well known for its Islamic education and religious heritage both in The Gambia and in most parts of Senegal. In order to build upon that foundation, a local standalone Quranic school (Daara) was started.


    The Abubacarr School, through Project Medina, will expand and transform the local "Daara" into a formal Islamic Learning Institution that will also be integrated with the national education system.


    The proposed project components for the school are as follows:

    • Erect a fence around the entire school premise measuring 60 x 40 meters. This will ensure long term security and protection not only for the children, but also the physical assets within the premises.
    • Build classrooms to accommodate students from Grade 1 to Grade 6.
    • Build a prayer room, toilets and a playground.
    • Provide reliable water and electricity supply  by installing solar system and constructing a borehole.
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    Rebuilding and modernizing the health center

    Medina healthcare center has been in existence and serving the community since the 1970s, providing well needed medical care to all the villagers.


    After a very long period without much maintenance the facility is overdue for upgrades.


    With your help we can equip the center to deliver primary and preventive healthcare services such as; diagnosis and care for diabetes, asthma, and other chronic illnesses, reduce infant mortality, and also provide health education to the community.


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    A library for the community

    Medina as a community never had a library where we can go and get books to read. The upside to that is we will be getting a brand new library. Therefore we are in need of just about everything that will go into a library. To name a few we need chairs, tables, books, Computers, Solar to power the computers and so on...