• Help us Raise $360K to complete the construction of Abubacarr Islamic School.

    Watch the video below to see the progress we have made so far with support from our generous donors...


    Project Medina is a 501(c)(3) organization working to transform a local Islamic School (Daara) in Medina (The Gambia) into a formal Integrated Islamic Learning Institution (Abubacarr School), build a library to provide students access to educational resources, and improve healthcare by modernizing the health center for Medina and the nearby cities.

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    Make Medina Serign Mass a place where education and healthcare are accessible to all families in the community.


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    1. Abubacarr Islamic School - Transforming the local "Daara" into a fully integrated Islamic School.
    2. Medina Library - Building a community library
    3. Health Center - Rebuilding and modernizing the health center.



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    • Acquired land to build the school
    • Built a fence surrounding the school 
    • Built a water borehole system
    • Procured classroom desks and 20 computers and donated books to Medina Primary School

    The Project Medina initiative is a long-term project dedicated to improving education, health and other community services in Medina

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    Build the Abubacarr Integrated Islamic School

    Medina Serign Mass located in Lower Niumi District, North Bank Division is well known for its Islamic education and religious heritage both in The Gambia and in most parts of Senegal. In order to build upon that foundation, a local standalone Quranic school (Daara) was started.

    The Abubacarr School, through Project Medina, will be expanded and transformed into a formal learning Islamic institution that will also be integrated with the national education system.

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    Rebuild Medina Health Center


    Medina healthcare center has been in existence and serving the community since the 1970s. After a very long period without much maintenance the facility is overdue for upgrades.

    Mr. Ali Khan recently embarked on a major fundraiser in order to upgrade the main hall, the roof, and the store. We owe him a great deal of gratitude for all his efforts in mobilizing the entire community and giving the facility a much needed touch-up.

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    Build a Public Library


    Medina as a community never had a library where children, and adults, can get books to read. Through the Project Medina initiative, it is our goal to build a brand new library equipped with computers. We are seeking donations for any and all items that can go into a library. To name a few we need chairs, tables, books, computers, solar to power the computers and so on..


    “When a person dies, all their deeds end, except three: Sadaqa Jariya (a continuing charity), beneficial knowledge and a child who prays for them.” (hadith of the Prophet pbuh)”


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    Our passion for education and the well-being of families in Medina is what inspired us to embark on Project Medina.

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    Modou Jah

    Founder & President

    Mr. Jah was born and raised in Medina Serign Mass village, The Gambia. His passion for education is what drove him to embark on this project. He holds a BSc. in Information Systems from Davenport University, and is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. He is currently a Lead Security and Controls Engineer at Ford Motor Company.

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    Bai Ousman Kah

    Abubacarr School Founder

    Bai Ousman Kah got his early education from the "Daara" in Medina and continued his education under numerous Sheikhs in the region. He dedicated most of his time in education in various capacities in The Gambian education system. Recently he was approached by the Caliph of Medina to come home and establish an Islamic school.

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    Adi Kah

    Co-Founder & Secretary

    Brother Adi has been working tirelessly since the inception of Abubacarr school raising funds to maintain the school. He received his MBA from Wayne State University. Adi is also a Board Member at the Tawheed Center of Detroit.

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    Alhagi Kah

    Co-Founder & Vice President

    Alhagi is a native of Medina. He graduated from Muslim High School in 1989 and Gambia Hotel School (Front Office) in 1992. BA in Computer Information Systems class of 2004 Davenport University.

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    Makumba Njie

    Co-Founder & Treasurer

    Makumba, a native of Medina, is a CPA licensed in Kentucky and Michigan. He holds the Chartered Global Management Accountant designation and has over 20 years of accounting, FP&A, budgeting, forecasting, and management experience with global & medium-sized corporations. He holds a BBA in Accounting from Davenport University and an MBA from Eastern Kentucky University. Makumba is currently the corporate controller for a chemical distribution and management company in the metro Detroit area.


    We are grateful to our generous donors whose support has enabled us to make significant progress towards the construction of the Abubacarr School.

    On-going Construction of the first 2-Story Classroom Block

    Solar-Powered Water Borehole (Cost $2300)

    Donated books and organized reading sessions for Medina Primary

    Fence surrounding the school grounds (Cost $12000)