• Completed Construction of Perimeter Fence...

    With the help of donors, including a recent donation of $10,000, we completed the construction of the perimeter fence. Please see video of the fence and the gate/entrance to the school

    Inside of fenced school grounds

    Completed building fence of the school. Platform built to house the water borehole system.

    Borehole constructed...

    We completed building a borehole that will provide a sustainable source of water for the school. Picture shows where the water tank will be housed.

    Donated books to Medina Primary School

    Books donated to Medina Primary School library already in use. Read aloud classes are held for students and free reading for children


    With the help of our partners and volunteers, we have achieved the following since embarking on Project Medina:

    • Funded the salaries of a teacher and an administrator totaling $20K over the past 10 years
    • Acquired land to build the school
    • Built a borehole to provide a sustainable source of water for the school
    • Recently raised $10K from a donor to begin construction of the school
    • Procured chairs and desks for both Abubacarr School and Medina Primary School
    • Shipped 20 computers with Microsoft Office installed in preparation for the school.
    • Donated books to the Medina Lower Basic School library